Top free Best Podcast App for Android in 2021

Everything is going digital nowadays. Digital streaming platforms are very popular. We use streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar, and Spotify to watch movies, Tv-Series and listen to music.

A podcast can be used to consume content in the form of audio as well as in video form. Podcast applications can be used to listen to books, interviews, songs, and different categories of content. You can listen to your favorite book or stories on podcasts while you are driving or doing some other work just like radio programs.

There are different types of podcasts you can listen to – Conversational podcasts, Interview podcasts, Storytelling, Monologue podcasts, Theatrical podcasts, etc.

There are different podcast apps available for Android phones, some podcast apps can be used to record podcasts and create your own podcast show.

Without wasting any time let’s jump to the list of best podcast apps.

Spotify: Free Music and Podcasts Streaming

Spotify is a very popular music streaming app but in 2015 podcast feature is added to Spotify which is very helpful to users who are attracted to podcast content.

Without redirecting to another application you can listen to music and podcast on a single application. Spotify application has 4.4 ratings with 1B+ downloads on the PlayStore.

Podcast App & Podcast Player – Podbean

Podbean is a dedicated podcast app with a simple, clean & minimalistic design layout that is super easy to navigate.

You can stream & download the podcast episodes offline, record a professional podcast if you are a podcast artist and you want to create your podcast.

You can listen to live audio shows, engage with the host and the listeners, ask your questions and share your thoughts. Podbean is growing its users with 5M+ downloads and 4.7 ratings. The size of the application is around 27MB.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is a podcast player developed by Google, it is one of the best podcast applications available in the market. The motive of this application is very simple and clean i.e podcast.

The application does not have many features like the other ones in the market. But it fulfills the user requirement.

It allows you to discover podcasts easily and subscribe to your favorite one and it recommends episodes for you. You can also listen to podcasts at different speed rates, queue up episodes.

You can listen to podcasts on multiple devices – laptop, phone, smart speaker – without moving from your place.

This application has 100M+ downloads, 4.6 ratings and it is available under 2MB.

Podcast Player & Podcast App – Castbox

Castbox offers one of the top podcast channels – NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Earwolf, HowStuffWorks, PRX, This American Life, and CBC.

You can stream radio programs & audiobooks for free in 70 different languages. It supports different smart speakers including Google Home, Chromecast, Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa.

Castbox rated 4.8 on google PlayStore with 10M+ downloads and the size of the application is 32MB (approx).

The only downside of this application is that it is ad-supported, you may get in-app ads while using it.

But it also comes with a premium subscription where you get ad free experience, unlimited subscriptions (free users can only subscribe to 100 channels), a personalized homepage, access to newly released features first.

Spreaker Studio – Start your Podcast or Radio Show

Spreaker Studio is one of the applications where you can create your podcast. It is the application that artists are looking for content creation.

It is recommended application for recording and broadcasting your live episodes, with different soundtracks and sound effects.

The interface of the application is very easy to use, you can mix channels and control all volumes independently. You can set auto-post to Facebook and Twitter, live chatbox to interact with your audience.

The application has 4.5 ratings and 1M+ downloads on PlayStore and the size of the app is 9.3(approx).

Anchor – Make your own podcast

Anchor is another app owned by Spotify Ltd. But it does a different job than Spotify, it helps to record, host, and monetize your podcast and share on all major platforms like Google Podcasts, Castbox, Apple Podcasts, and others.

This app is more focused on creating podcasts rather than listening. You can also earn money with sponsorships, choose when your sponsor ad will occur in your podcast, without worrying about your audience size.


So, this is all about the podcasts applications. I hope you find the right podcast application that you are looking for. If you ask me which one to choose, I personally use and recommend Spotify with premium. If you are a podcast creator you can try Spreaker Studio and Anchor.

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