Android 12 beta 1: New features, UI changes, and privacy updates!

Android 12 is now available for developers and users. The very first Android beta 1 is now available to download for some eligible phones. The first Android 12 developer preview beta was released in February 2021, following developer preview 2 and developer preview 3 in March and April. Android 12 is packed with many new features, especially UI improvements. New android privacy features have been introduced to the Android OS, including microphone and camera, approximate location, clipboard read notification, and more features. In Android 12, there is a privacy dashboard that lets you see apps’ privacy-related details.

Android 12 Timeline

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Android’s first developer preview was released on February 2021. The early build (Developer Preview 1, Developer Preview 2. and Developer Preview 3) mostly focuses on developers with new features, APIs, behavior changes, stability, and performance..

The beta 1 release for beta users focuses on compatibility testing and feedback from Android beta users. Users can update the beta versions of Android 12 over the air for early adopters who enroll in the Android beta program. Beta 2 and beta 3 are promised in June-July, and beta 4 in August. Before the final release, there is a Candidate release that includes compatible updates for apps, SDKs, and libraries. The Final Release and Candidate Release dates are not announced yet. We will notify you once the dates are finalized.

Android 12 Eligible Devices

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Firstly, pixel devices are eligible for Android 12 updates, including Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 4, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3, or Pixel 3 XL.

According to Google’s announcement, the Android beta program will also be available to some third party phones, including Asus ZenFone 8, OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro, TCL 20 Pro 5G, Tecno Camon 17, iQoo 7 Legend, Oppo Find X3 Pro, Mi 11, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11i, Mi 11X Pro, Axon 30 Ultra 5G, Realme GT, and ZTE.

How to install Android 12 beta 1

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Android 12 beta 1 is currently available for pixel devices only. Later on, third-party devices will be able to download and install the beta version of Android 12. First, you need to enroll in the beta program of Android 12. After that, you can download the latest beta update. You can check for updates in phone settings : Settings > System > System Update > Check for update.

You can also download the Android 12 beta 1 system image from the official Android website. Pixel devices will only be able to support these system images. You can use Android Flash Tool to install these images on your phone, or you can Manually Flash your device.

Note: Before installing or updating to Android 12 beta 1, make sure to take the full backup of your device.

Android 12 features

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The Android 12 is the biggest revamp in the past years. Android 12 brings Material you UI. This UI is more focused on cool animations, dynamic elements, rounded corners, minimalistic design, colors to the shapes, etc. give an amazing experience to the users.


The widgets in Android 12 have been redesigned and beautified. Corners have been added to all the widgets. Three control checkboxes, switches, and radio buttons are added to control the widgets. Widgets can now easily adapt every launcher and home screen, and widgets now support dynamic color where widgets use system color for a more personalize and compatible look.

Audio transition

The audio transition is smoother in Android 12. Android framework fades out audio automatically while you stop or play sound on another application. In this way, the audio overlap can be avoided.

Stretch overscroll

Android 12 has also packed with a stretch overscroll effect. In this way, users can easily understand that they have scrolled to the end of the available content in your UI.

Nearby Device Permission

In previous Android versions, Bluetooth required location permission to scan nearby devices. Now Bluetooth scan can work without permission requirement. This made it easier for the devices which do not actually need device location to connect to another device.

Approximate Location

If the application asks for an approximate location, the user can now easily choose between precise and approximate locations. You can also change application location permission from the setting at any time.

Privacy Dashboard

Android 12 introduces a privacy dashboard that keeps track of your privacy records. Users can track location, microphone, and camera permissions of the last 24 hours in a timeline view.

Microphone and camera indicators

Whenever any application uses a microphone or camera, the phone will indicate the relevant icon on the phone’s status bar. This gives transparency to microphone and camera access. In this way, users will know when the device is using a camera and microphone. You can also fully disable access to the microphone and camera from the quick settings.

Clipboard read notifications

Every time an app reads content from the clipboard, it shows a notification at the bottom of the screen. The content user copied might contain sensitive information like email addresses, passwords. The notification will not appear if the copied content originates from the same app.

So, this is all about Android 12 beta 1. I hope you also find these new features very interesting. What are your thoughts on the Android 12? please tell us in the comment section below.

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