Personal data of 500 million LinkedIn users leaked and now up for sale online

After the Facebook data breach of 533 million users, hackers now targeted LinkedIn user’s data with 500 million records. The data has been put for sale online on a popular hacker forum, with 2 million records has been leaked online for proof by the author of the post.

LinkedIn 500 million users data hacked

Not only data has been leaked online, but the author is also selling the data in four figures $$$$. Author quoted “Also selling 500M profiles, PM me for price 4 digit $$$$ minimum price“. The 2M user’s data has been uploaded in four different files which contains email, phone, workspace information and other details.

Thanks to cybernews for creating a tool that allows you to check if your data has been leaked online. You can use a personal data leak checker which contains more than 15+Billion records.

The cubernews tool contains 500GB of database that has been leaked online. You can check your data using your email address. Go to the personal data leak checker and enter your email address in the search field. The tool uses your email address to find your data in database collection, and the search result will appear on your screen. Your email address will not be stored or collected so that you can rely on this tool.

A statement from LinkedIn appears to confirm that the data that has been put up for sale online is not a result of a data breach. The company also stated, “We have investigated an alleged set of LinkedIn data that has been posted for sale and have determined that it is actually an aggregation of data from a number of websites and companies.”

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you might want to change your password right now. Make sure to set a strong password. Also, enable two-factor authentication for one more security layer to your LinkedIn profile login.

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