Saturday, September 18, 2021

Lenovo Savior 2 Pro first look: built-in turbofan with RGB light

As the production capacity of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 has climbed, the domestic market has ushered in a wave of new Snapdragon 888 devices since March, and the regular flagships and game flagships have been updated.

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As one of the three major gaming mobile phone manufacturers, Lenovo Savior has also officially announced in the near future and will hold a new product launch conference on April 8 to launch the annual flagship-the Savior gaming phone 2 Pro.

According to the picture, the front of the rescuer gaming phone 2 Pro continues the previous generation’s design. It adopts a symmetrical non-opening full screen, which can bring complete visual effects. It is also equipped with symmetrical dual speakers, combined with the screen band. Comes with excellent audio and video effects, and the game experience is even better.

At the same time, the machine still uses a side pop-up front camera, has a 44 million pixel ultra-clear lens, and hides it in the center of the side of the fuselage. It can be raised at the same time when holding the game horizontally, and it can be broadcast live anytime, anywhere.

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The back is the most eye-catching part of the rescuer gaming phone 2 Pro. The phone abandons the design of conventional mobile phones and focuses on the gaming experience. The overall structure continues the previous mid-mounted architecture scheme, placing the processor in the middle of the phone. The battery is placed at both ends of the fuselage.

And this time it goes even further. The processor’s overall position is raised, which brings more space for heat dissipation and is equipped with the industry’s first dual-turbo super-dimensional heat dissipation system, which can bring faster and more efficient heat dissipation, which is beneficial to the Snapdragon Dragon 888 exerts its ultimate performance.

In addition, the savior gaming phone 2 Pro has upgraded the classic “Y” faith light again this time, bringing a colorful ROG lighting effect system that can adjust the color at will, and can automatically switch according to the use scene. A sense of competition.

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