WordPress vs Blogger: Best blogging platform in 2021?

We are going to compare WordPress and Blogger and see which is the best blogging platform in 2021 for you. This post will help those who want to start blogging now or those who have already started blogging. So I hope you will like this post on WordPress vs Blogger. In today’s time, whoever wants to start blogging is the first question that comes to mind: Which blogging platform is best? WordPress or Blogger and which of these two blogging platforms will be beneficial for a beginner. So you keep up with this post, and in this post, you will clear all types of Doubts related to WordPress and Blogger. If you talk about Blogging Platform, then apart from WordPress and Blogger, there are many other platforms where you can set up your blog, but the most popular in today’s time are Blogger and WordPress, so let’s start the discussion. So first we will look at WordPress.org vs Blogger.com with the help of an Infographic in which you will get to know which of the two is better.


Initially, almost all Bloggers start with Google’s Product Blogger (Blogspot), but after some time they shift to WordPress.org. So it does not mean that Blogger.com is not good or you should not create your blog on Blogger.com. If we talk about WordPress, there are two options available, one is wordpress.com and the other is wordpress.org.

There are many platforms for blogging on the Internet, where you can start your Blogging Career, but among the two i.e WordPress and Blogger are the most popular platforms where more blogs are created. Let’s discuss so you will be able to decide which blogging platform is good for you.

WordPress.org: WordPress is one of the world’s largest CMS (Content Management System) where you can design your favorite blog or website. Today, about 30 percent of websites or blogs on the Internet have been created on WordPress, but you will have to spend some money to get premium features, including paid themes, plugins, etc. If you spend money, then you will get a good result. However, there are also free themes and plugins available.

Blogger or Blogspot: Blogger is a blogging platform of google where you can create a blog on your own. It is effortless to create a blog on a blogger, and you don’t need professional skills to work on a blogger. But the blogger does not provide customization options like WordPress. Here you will get fewer options to customize your blog.


If you want to set up both WordPress and Blogger, then it is straightforward to set up Blogger, that means you can start your blog on blogger with just a few settings, and if we talk about the setup of WordPress, then you will have a little here, It can take hard work, and you may also need to learn first.


In terms of security, Blogger is much stronger than WordPress because Blogger (Blogspot) is Google’s product, and you will know how far ahead in terms of Google Security. WordPress Security Depends on how much money you spend on the security of your WordPress website.


On Blogger, you do not get as much Professional Theme, you do not get your favorite Theme, but on WordPress, you get an Unlimited Theme. You can install the Theme as you want, you can customize the theme according to you. WordPress gives you professional themes ranging from Free to Paid. There are plenty of themes available on the internet, and you can get themes according to your niche.


Plugins are the lifeblood of WordPress. If plugins are removed from WordPress, WordPress will also become like Blogger. With the help of plugins, you can change your blog or website as you wish. You get WordPress’s top-rated plugins which have both free and paid versions, which make your WordPress work easy.

You do not get any plugin facility on Blogger, and you will have to run only in what Google has given you. You cannot change your blog as you like.


Talking about Ownership, the Ownership of a WordPress website is completely yours. But Ownership of a Blogger blog is completely Google, meaning you do not have to publish some content on your blog against Google’s Guidelines. If you do like this and your blog gets noticed, then you can also delete the blog, but on WordPress, you do not have to take Tension. You can publish whatever you want on your blog. But, I suggest you follow google guidelines very strictly and stick to your blog’s niche.

Money Making

Talking about earning, the chances of earning more on WordPress increases compared to Blogger. You get many features on WordPress, with the help of which you can increase your income.


Any blog has a huge role in its design to succeed. On Blogger, you do not get many options to design your blog, which means you can only use the design that comes with the Theme. And you can change the design of the WordPress website according to your choice. You can change your design whenever you want.


Blogger: It is a free blogging platform where you are given limited space; on Blogger, you are given up to 1 GB of blog storage space.

WordPress: In this, space depends on hosting, and according to the hosting plan, you get the storage of your blog.


Blogger: In the case of SEO, you do not get many options on Blogger. You get some basic SEO options, which you can only use. Google SEO option has not done any update for a long time.

WordPress: If you create your website or blog on WordPress, you will get many free and Paid SEO Tools WordPress, with the help of increasing your SEO. Like some SEO tools are given below. Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, WP Rocket, Broken Link Checker, Rank Math, etc.

SSL Certification

Blogger: This is a feature of Blogger that gives you SSL for free; you do not have to pay a single rupee for it when you add a custom domain from your Blogspot blog; you are given free SSL.

WordPress: WordPress does not give you any SSL and CMS. To install SSL in a WordPress website or blog, you will have to buy separately or get it from many Hosting Providers.

Which platform is Better?

If we talk about which is the best platform for blogging, it depends on your situation. If you have so much money to go to WordPress, you should choose WordPress because you have many WordPress Facilities available. And if you do not have money, you can start your blog on Blogger and buy a custom domain and add it to your Blogspot blog.


I hope you have understood this post of WordPress vs Blogger very well. If you want to start blogging, then in the comment below, you must tell on which platform you will start your blog. I will tell you that if you are serious about blogging, then make your own blog on WordPress and design your blog well, but if you do not have money or you want to give it a try, you can start your blog on Blogger.

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