How to start blogging and make money in 2021

Thinking about how to start blogging in 2021? Blogging is not easy but it is not difficult too. It’s about how much you know about your niche, and how you can easily attract readers to your content. If you want to start a blog in 2021 you must be thinking that there are already tons of blogs on the internet. You are right, but if you think that creating a blog in 2021 is a bad idea then my friend you are completely wrong.

If you have the right amount of knowledge in your favorite niche and you can write awesome content that readers don’t want to skip a single word without reading it then definitely you can get success by creating a blog in 2021.

In this article, you will get the details on how to start your blog. I have divided this article into sub-topics or steps, so you will have a better understanding of each and every step. Let’s jump to the list of steps required to start a blog.

Select a perfect niche

The first thing you need to create a blog or even before creating a blog is niche. For every blogger, “Content is the KING.” If you have not decided niche for your blog, you need to think very clearly, what do you like the most and what content you can write comfortably for your visitors.

Blogging is not a day or a year task, and you need to be very consistent with blogging. You can only write articles on the topic without any difficulty in which you are master or interested. So, choose your niche wisely.

Choose a blogging platform

Now you have selected your niche, then you need a blogging platform to start your blog. There are many blogging platforms available, but there are two blogging platforms that are very good for blogging. The two blogging platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

Blogger: Blogger is a google product. As the name suggests, it is a blogging platform. It is completely free, and Google hosts your blog files on its server. The blogging domain consists of in its full domain name. For example, you have selected your blog domain as “myblog,” then your blog’s full domain is “”

However, you can add a custom domain after setting up your blog. Blogger doesn’t give you as many design customization options as WordPress.

WordPress: WordPress is a paid blogging platform. If you want to start your blog on WordPress, then you need a custom domain and hosting. You need to point your domain name to the hosting provider to start your website showing some data.

The ownership of the website files is completely yours on WordPress. You can choose from hundreds of themes and plugins to customize your blog. The search engine optimization is easy on WordPress, and blogger requires some basic coding knowledge for SEO optimizations.

You can also check out the detailed comparison between WordPress and Blogger: WordPress vs Blogger: Best blogging platform in 2021?

Custom domain name

Getting a domain for your blog is mandatory. You must be thinking that this is optional. No, you need a custom domain if you are serious about blogging. There are many advantages of a custom domain. You can create a custom email for your blog, and you can always move your blog to another hosting.

Get a fast web hosting

Your website speed depends upon the hosting you choose. If your hosting speed is not enough to load your website quickly, then there are chances that visitors might bounce from your website. So, choose your web hosting very carefully. Also, check the support of the hosting before buying one. If you need technical work like HTTPS redirection, domain name, etc., on your hosting, you can get it via support.

Find the right theme (blog design)

Your blog design depends on the theme you choose, so make sure to choose a clean and minimalistic theme for your blog. Also, keep a niche in your mind while selecting any theme. Your theme design should match your content. For example, if you want to create a news blog, then there are chances that you will be installing a theme like Newspaper.

Write content and promote your blog

After setting up your domain, hosting, and theme for your blog, the most important thing is to write awesome content. There are chances initially that you think what to write. You can use Google Trends, Question Hub, and other content ideas websites like Ubersuggest, SEMrush, etc., to find content ideas for your articles.

After writing an article, make sure to create social media page of your website on every social media site. Share your articles, build your audience on social media. Also, submit your website on the google search console so that Google can crawl your website to find your articles and show them on Google search pages.

Make money by blogging.

After you gain a decent amount of monthly visitors to your blog, you want to make money by monetizing your blog. The easiest way to monetize your blog is Google Adsense. There are also other platforms available where you can monetize your blog. But as a growing blog, you must focus on your content and audience. Provide valuable content for your visitors.

Final Words: I hope you have successfully understood how to start blogging. You can always start whenever you want. Make sure to follow proper steps and provide valuable content for your readers.

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