Saturday, October 23, 2021

Xiaomi big plan: Xiaomi 11 Pro debut?

Xiaomi is about to do something big again. The official Weibo has just announced that it will announce an epoch-making technological innovation on 29 January 2021.

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What is the specific technology, Xiaomi is still selling it, but from the picture, it should be related to charging. You can see elements such as electric balls and electric charges in the poster.


In recent years, Xiaomi’s mobile phone technology has made the most progress in the two directions, one is photography, and the other is fast charging. For this reason, Xiaomi has rewarded these departments again. The fast-charging team also won a stock RSU worth $1 million this year.

Since it can be called an epoch-making technological innovation, it means that this technology is not achieved by others. Considering that today there is still news that Xiaomi will release 200W super-fast charging technology for the first time, this may be the one announced tomorrow.

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Xiaomi’s second charging technology team has achieved 120W fast charging in mass production, the highest charging power currently in mass production in the world , and has introduced industry-leading 80W wireless fast charging and 10W wireless reverse charging technologies.

If the 200W fast charge is announced tomorrow, then Xiaomi has to go one step further in fast charge technology, leading other friends, and if no surprise, the technology will also be released on Xiaomi 11 Pro mobile phones.

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