Top 5 best online image compression tool

Looking for the best online image compression tool, well you are in the right place to find the top 5 image compression tool which you can use online without any third-party software installation. Either you want to change the size of the image or you just want to change the resolution. You will find an image compression tool that suits your requirement. There are many image compression tool available on the internet, you cannot decide which one to choose. Well, we’ve got you covered to choose the right image compression tool for your images. If you want to use the image for your blog/website or you need compressed images to upload to your online application forms. You only need to choose one tool from these 5 compression tools. Let’s jump to the list of the top 5 image compression tools available on the internet:


Pixlr image compression tool

Pixlr is both an image compression tool and a photo editor. Pixlr lets you edit photos online directly from your browser for free. Pixlr provides two tools, Pixlr X – Quick and easy graphic design tool, Pixlr E – Advanced photo editor and there is Pixlr stock – Let’s you download stock images from the online pixlr stock gallery.

Talking about the Pixlr X – the quick and easy graphic design tool as quoted by Pixlr. You can create a new image file size according to the requirement. You can choose from various templates from the templates section like an event, Music, Events, Retro Summer, etc.

You can search for the stock images from the “stock search” menu. Select the stock image you want to use and save it offline to your device. Tools available in Pixlr -x are very basic like crop, add text, add image, rotate, etc.

Pixlr E – An advanced photo editor is a tool that gives you advanced editing tools as compared to Pixlr X. The advanced tools available in Pixlr – E are gradient, sponge/color, liquify, wand select, clone, color replace, etc.

You can use either Pixlr – X or Pixlr – E according to your requirement. You can edit photos and save them to your device. Pixlr gives you the option to change the image resolution and quality when you click on save. In this way, you can edit your photos and change size also in a single tool.

However, you cannot access all the available tools for free like overlays, icons, Al cutout, etc you have to pay for the premium features. You can check to price for the premium features.


Single editing and compression tool

Change photo resolution and size


Basic editing skills required image compression tool is an online image compression tool primarily built to optimize images for websites or blogs. With lighter images, you will get faster page load speed on your websites. The quality remains the same after the image compression. However, there are three options available for image compression Normal, Aggressive, and Ultra.

The normal compression provides lossless optimization. The quality of the image remains the same without noticing any visible change. The file size reduction is less as compared to the Aggressive and Ultra modes. And the quality of the image will also reduce less.

The Aggressive and Ultra compression successively reduces the image size more as compared to normal compression. also gives a page optimization tool for the website.

You can paste your website link and let the optimize the images of the page. also has a WordPress plugin, you can install it on your WordPress website and this tool will automatically compress all images uploaded to Word Press.


Heavy image compression

No manual settings

Plugin for WordPress website


Free accounts have a file size upload limit of 2MB

Optimized images are available to download for 24 hours


toolur is an online image compression website with four more amazing tools. toolur featured tools are Image Resizer, Password Generator, GIF Maker, PDF to JPG converter. These are the tools that you may or may not be using but you want to compress your image size. toolur is there for you.

Now, talking about the features of the toolur, it can support up to 25 images at a time with 0 to 25 MB of image size, and each image should not exceed more than 50MP.

Click on the “Upload Images” button to select images from your computer or smartphone. Now select the compression method A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. You can check references of the compression method and you can select according to your preference. Now you can select the image quality from 0 to 100 in percentage.

Select compression type normal or progressive. If you don’t know the difference between these two terms, you can check the difference between normal and progressive compression from liquidweb.

You can now change the width and height of the image accordingly, if set to 0 then image pixels will be as before the compression.

Click on “Compress Images” to compress your uploaded image(s), after compression you will get notice and a link to download and view compressed image(s). You can now download your compressed image(s).


  • 6 compression methods
  • Select image quality in percentage


  • A limited number of images, image file size, and megapixels supported at a time


TinyJPG image compression tool

TinyJPG is a jpg and png file format supported compression tool. TinyPNG gives you a very minimalistic option. You only have one upload option from which you can upload maximum of 20 images and each image size should not exceed more than 5MB.

TingJPG will compress each uploaded file to the limit where the quality of the image will not be compromised.

For example, I have uploaded a 384.0 KB image file and TinyJPG compressed its size to 95.2 KB which is 75{325799e1150d13f2a92894890a44fa03818d2c20d506ccc6e950dcae07d3b1ae} compression shown by TinyJPG. You also get the download link for your compressed image.

You also get a WordPress plugin for your website if you have one.


  • WordPress plugin
  • Upload and compress without any extra options


  • Image compression is very less

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer image compression tool

Image Optimizer helps you to compress, resize, and optimize your image files suitable for web pages, email and save your computer disk space. You might be thinking about how image optimizer is different than the four image compression tools which we have already discussed above.

The Image Optimizer provides smartphone applications available on both iOS and Android platforms. It also provides a Windows-based applications. So, you can easily compress image file size offline directly from your smartphone and computer.

You need to click on the “upload image” option and select the desired image from your device to compress the image. And select from six quality options available “minimum file size”, “very small file size”, “small file size”, “normal file size”, “high quality”, and “best quality”.

After selecting the quality of the image file you have the option to change image height and width. Now click on Optimize Now to compress and optimize the image file. Your file will be compressed and you get the option to download the image.


  • Choose from different quality options
  • Upload and compress without any extra options


  • Watermark on free account – you have to pay to get rid of watermark

Final Words: I hope you find this article very helpful and you have successfully found the right tool according to your requirements to compress images online. If you have any questions regarding the image compression tool, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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