Saturday, September 18, 2021

ROG upcoming gaming phone with Snapdragon 888

On the evening of January 13, ROG players over Weibo announced a new generation of ROG gaming phones, and the new flagship of Snapdragon 888 is on the way again.

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ROG launched the ROG gaming phone 3 last year. This year it will be called the ROG gaming phone 4 as usual. However, considering the special naming of 4, ROG may skip this generation and use a new name.

In terms of specifications, the new generation of ROG gaming phone has not yet appeared. The only thing that can be determined is the Snapdragon 888. The release time is much earlier than last year’s ROG gaming phone 3, which was released at the end of July.

Judging from the poster, the full-screen design of the new generation of ROG gaming phones is a bright spot. The chin is relatively narrow. It is estimated that the screen-to-body ratio will be higher, and the screen panel will continue to maintain high-brush characteristics.

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The details wait for the ROG official to slowly break the news. At present, the three-game phones of Black Shark, Red Devils, and ROG have been officially announced, and the hardware platforms should be of the same level.

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