Saturday, October 23, 2021

The upcoming Portless iPhone 13?

iPhone 12 has been launched and you know the drill after every iPhone launch you guys already started to talk about the upcoming iPhone. The iPhone 13 is rumored to be completely portless. Jon Prosser said in his YouTube video that apple will go portless for the upcoming iPhone 13 for one model, He did not mention whether it is going to be a pro model or a regular iPhone model.

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Mag safe is the bridge between portless iPhones: If you wonder how Apple is going to do it, you have the answer right after the launch of Magsafe wireless charger. Apple already launched Magsafe wireless charger for iPhone 12 which can attach magnetically to the back of the iPhone through Magsafe accessories. The new Magsafe charger can provide iPhone with fast charging support.

The MKBHD tech Youtuber explained how Apple is moving towards wireless iPhone, the apple way to do is Solve and justify. Create a problem and solve it by providing an alternative solution and give justification.

You can watch full MKBHD video here :

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MKBHD also explained in his old video why everyone is copying apple Airpods. Apple revenue from Airpods Inc. is $8,000M out of Apple’s $2,65595 M. And that is very huge if we compare Airpods Inc. to other companies it single-handedly comes around 250 to 300 rank out of 500 companies.

Wireless charging could be the next Apple move to make more profit from the Apple Magsafe charger.

What do you think of the Apple portless iPhone? Tell us in the comment section below.

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