Apple is cheating its customers about iPhone, fined so many million

Apple has been fined 10 million euros, which is about 88 crores. Italy’s Antitrust Authority AGCM has imposed a fine on Apple. On Monday, the company was fined for making misleading or false claims about the water resistance capacity of iPhones. The order has been pronounced to let you know that even before this, the company has been fined for slowing down the old iPhone.

The Antitrust Authority of Italy has stated that the Apple company spread a lot of publicity about the phone’s water resistance, but the company’s disclaimer states that the warranty will not be covered in case of fluid damage to the phone, as well as it It was not told that under which circumstances iPhone’s resistance will work, it is a hoax.

At present, no statement has been issued by Apple in the case yet. Apple has claimed that its different iPhone models have up to 30 minutes resistance at a depth of up to 4 meters. Apple’s claims of its waterproofing Criticizing AGCM has stated that the claim is true only under certain circumstances.

AGCM said in a statement that Apple’s disclaimer is tricking people because it states that the warranty on the iPhone will not be received if the damage is caused by any water.

The company has so far refused to give any response to this news, this argument of the company did not appeal to the people and about 36 states of America have decided to start an investigation against Apple and go to court.

Used to say that Apple is forcing people to buy new and expensive iPhones. Old phones are rolled through updates so that people can buy new and expensive iPhone models of the company.

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