Saturday, October 23, 2021

Apple iPhone 13 upgrades: Display, Design, and In-Display Touch ID

Apple iPhone 12 has become the first and second best selling 5G phone worldwide. According to the new leaks for iPhone 13 a new design change is coming to the phone.

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DigiTimes reports say Apple could reduce the size of the notch in the iPhone 13 also improve the back and front camera.

According to the reports two factors are responsible for the smaller notch. The first factor is to reduce the size of Face ID sensors. The second is a sleek VCSEL chip for the front camera in iPhones which increases depth-sensing capabilities and reduces the volume which produces stunning portrait selfies.


Apple is working with II-VI (TWO-SIX) to manufacture VCSEL chips for LiDAR scanners. According to the DigiTimes all four iPhones 13 will be getting this feature which previously Pro model has this feature.

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Jon Prosser leaks reveal that we will see some of the major upgrades in iPhone 13 from iPhone 12. The major upgrade in iPhone 13 Prosser confirmed iPhone 13 devices are getting LTPO display, LTPO is the lead to 120Hz ProMotion display. It can adjust the refresh rate according to the usage for low-intensity tasks on iPhones and readjust the refresh rate to save battery life.

MacRumors reveals Apple will be adding WiFi 6E to the iPhone 13 which features spectrum 6Ghz band gives revolutionary performance across mobile device and reduces latency

According to Jon Prosser Apple is developing the under-display version of Touch Id.

  • 2 functional iPhone 13 prototypes in testing are said to have under-screen Touch ID right now
  • Prosser notes that the presence of a feature on an early prototype does not guarantee that it will ship on the final product next year
  • That being said,¬†other sources¬†have also stated that Touch ID will make a comeback soon

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