How to Make Money from your blog

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In my initial year when I started writing blogs, I get to learn various basic keys to becoming a successful blogger. I assume that if you are here then you must have started your blog. So, I am sharing the most useful ways which can help you in earning money through blogging.
1. Write best to earn more
The main motive of a blog is that people read it. But if the content is paraphrased, copy-pasted, or unprofessional then readers will get bored resulting in zero engagement. If you are writing about something which you had experienced then the chances of getting organic traffic to your blog are high. Therefore it is important that every time you write a blog, it is a better version of the previous one.
2. Promote it Everywhere
No matter you are selling a service, product or started a blog, for getting the recognition you need to do promotion. Start promoting your blog via a link on WhatsApp, Facebook, among your friends, etc. Also, one essential tip is that never unheard suggestions or responses from your readers. Try to ask for suggestions with readers and adapt these suggestions in your next blog.
3. Add Google Ads
Google provides one of the biggest opportunities to earn money from blogging which is Google AdSense. You can easily put ads on your blog so that whenever someone clicks them you get a share.
4. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is promoting a brand or product by linking it to your blog. Bloggers usually write about products and provide a link that redirects readers directly to the seller page. Every time a reader buys a product after influencing through your blog, you are getting rich.
5. Engage with the audience
Engagement is the most important key for blogging. Firstly you need to write good quality content so that when people read, they not only understand your point but also agree with you. Also, it is important that you answer the comments and queries of readers on a regular basis. It makes readers feel that their comments, suggestions, messages, etc. are important for you. 
So, these are the few tips which I hope will help you in earning money from blogging. Keep writing and keep blogging.

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