What does the p stand for? What is Video resolution?

We have known the ‘resolution’ term since we are using computers or mobile phones, but do we really know what is resolution? What is is 360p resolution, 480p resolution, what is 720p resolution size. What does the p stand for? Do you think 480p means 480 pixels? Before answering all the questions you must know what is the video resolution?

video resolution:

Video Resolution is the number of distinct pixels in each dimension (horizontal or vertical) that can be displayed. It is usually denoted as width x height with the units per pixel. For eg. “1280 X 720” means the width is 1280 pixels and height is 720 pixels. A video is basically a number of images flashed or displayed rapidly just like in animation. The commonly known resolution list is given below:

  • (640 X 480)
  • (1024 X 768)
  • (1280 X 960)
  • (1366 X 768)
  • (1600 X 1200)
  • (2048 X 1536)
What does the p stand for?

What Does The i and p Stand For in 1080i And 1080p

Interlaced scanning

There is a term called “Interlaced scanning“. Interlaced scanning displays alternate sets of lines even and odd sets of lines. First, even sets of lines are displayed (2,4,6, etc) and then odd sets of lines are displayed (1,3,5, etc.). Each set of lines are displayed for 1/60th second alternatively and this process repeats over and over again. Actually, half of the image is shown in even sets of lines, and the other half of the image is shown in odd sets of lines. Because this process happens so quickly we see the full image.

Progressive Scanning

Actually, P refers to “progressive scanning” or “non-interlaced scanning” as a format of display in which the image is displayed on the screen by scanning each line of pixels in a sequence from top to bottom of the screen. With the help of progressive scanning, an image is displayed on the screen in a single scan of all the pixels on the screen. I hope you understand what is p in 1080p very clearly.


I hope you understood the meaning of p and i in video resolution. Both follow different mechanisms to display pictures on the computer screen. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are welcome in the comment section.

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