Powerful SEO Techniques That Work in 2020

Would you like to improve your website ranking on different search engines? Here are the latest and the most potent SEO techniques to help you move ahead of your competitors in 2020.

1. Write long and comprehensive web posts: 

 SEO experts have long been stressing the importance of the quality of the content you post. No doubt, it is one of the most critical factors that help you drastically improve your search rankings. However, you can’t totally ignore the length of content, though— Blog posts that aim to cover a particular topic extensively can help you rank high.

Having said that, don’t expect that a long post alone can pull you up through the top. It needs to be adequately backed up by the quality content to work in your favor.

2. Bucket Brigade Copywriting techniques: 

You need to make sure that visitors spend more time on your website if you want to improve your search rankings. Writing en captivating articles is a simple way to do this. Another way is using the Bucket Brigade copywriting technique to persuade your readers to stay— It is an intelligent tactic to captivate the awareness of your readers and direct them through various transitions of the write-up.

Common phrases of the Bucket Brigade include:

  • Think about it:
  • By now, you should.
  • That’s not all!  

A great way to identify bucket brigades is to find sentences that are short, concise and end with colons. Further, they make the content reading lucid and compels the reader to spend more time on your page. 

3. Refining old content: 

Make it a habit to walk through your older posts and try to understand their relevance under prevailing circumstances.For instance, you wrote an article on Google SEO ranking techniques three years back. However, Google revised its algorithms recently, making your blog obsolete— You’ll need to update it, to avoid losing audience.

Instead of rewriting, simply make some tweaks here and there; Add up recent changes and revise the headers to refine your blog post and make it SEO-friendly.

4. Working on backlinks: 

If your website is linked backed by high profile domain authorities, your reputation is bound to grow. Credible backlinks can support immensely and help you get past your rivals. A quality backlink is comparable to authenticity from the perspective of a search engine.

5. Invest time in the keyword search: 

Take some time to find relevant keywords before finalizing your blog post ideas. Understanding what people are looking for is never too tough. Accordingly, you can make content modifications to fall in line with your readers ‘ requirements and taste.

Right keywords can not only help you rank high, but they are instrumental in improving your revenues too. Some of the popular keyword search tools include KWfinder, Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Keyword Planner. 

Every webmaster desires to enhance their search rankings to get more traction— Keeping up with the latest SEO techniques is the only way to stay on top. 

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