Accessing torrent websites. Legal or illegal?

Torrents websites may be blocked by Government, but accessing torrent websites is not illegal.

You may be confused whether accessing torrent websites is crime or not. You can access torrents websites without any hesitation. But it does not mean that you can stream, download or distribute the content having copyright. This is totally against Copyright Rules.
So if you are downloading any open source software like VLC which is free and opensource portable cross-platform media player software and streaming media server, you don’t need to worry, and if you are downloading any copyright movie, it could lend you in Jail.
You can read full copyright rules by clicking on this link: Copyright Rules
Some of popular torrents websites : Thepiratebay, RARBG, Torrentz, Limetorrents .
You can access all torrent websites, some of the websites changed their top-level domain (TLD), (in short top-level-domain is .com, .net, etc.) so new domain is accessible.s
If you open blocked torrent it displays a message: 

Don’t download copyright content from torrents or any website. If you download anything from internet make sure that it is not copyrighted if the content is copyrighted buy it’s original copy from the owner. Conclusion : Accessing torrent websites isn’t illegal. 

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